Coralife 13760 Aqua Light S LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 30″ x 36″

New Coralife LED Aqualight S aquarium light fixture with white, blue, and RGB lights
Includes RF remote control with a 24 hour time
Comes with 8 preset color options for quick customization

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The Coral life aqua light-s LED fixture 30-36″ has three channels of LEDS in a few colors. One channel is dedicated to a bank of bright White LEDS, some other one is loaded up with moonlight-level Blue LEDS and lastly, the rgb channel is in fact three channels in one for fine tuning the full color rendition of the LED aqua light s. The use of the rf remote keep an eye on with a 24 hour timer you’ll be able to independently keep an eye on the intensity and on/off times for the White, Blue and rgb LEDS. These lights can be utilized for either freshwater or saltwater aquariums, and for low light corals in shallow tanks.
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This product is Manufactured in Italy