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Unique & Stylish
Ingeniously cube designed with elegant wooden base , our salt lamp will blend into any home decor nicely even as creating a soothing ambiance.It could also be used in any spaces . Furthermore, it can also be placed in beauty salons, KTV, bars, spas and other leisure venues

Relieve stress, Better Sleep
This Himalayan salt lamp produces a healthy spectrum of light; emits soft orange hues to calm mood and relieve stress; offers the same soothing and relaxing ambiance as the warm glow of a campfire

Multiple Health Benefits
Simply plug in this salt lamp and the interior bulb heats the salt crystals, releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions can counteract positive ions in the air and absorb small particles such as dust, pollen and pollutants so to help reduce air odor, asthma and allergy symptoms. They may be able to also increase the drift of oxygen to the brain, which helps boost your energy levels. Moreover, exposure to electromagnetic radiation has negative health impacts, and this lamp can help neutralize the effects of electronics.

How to maintain:
Himalayan Salt products can be damaged by prolonged exposure to the moisture of humid environments. To offer protection to your Salt Lamp:
a. Often wipe the outside surface with a moderately damp cloth and dry off completely
b. In very humid environments, keep the lamp lit Often to keep it dry.
c.For storage or long periods of non-use, cover your unplugged Salt Lamp in plastic for protection.

Weight (light): 656g (1.4lb)
Weight (salt crystal): 500g-600g (1.1~1.3lb)
Size: 12*13.5cm (4.7~5.3in)
Power: 15W
100% NATURAL HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP: Made from natural Himalayan crystal salt rock,this cube salt lamp contains at least 84 types of minerals really useful to the human body. Cube decorates with Acrylic diamonds looks beautiful especially when light up at night
AIR PURIFIER: Crystal salt rock heated by the 15w bulb inside and then release of negative ions to remove all polluting particles like dust, pollen, cigarette smoke in the air. It means that you can wake refreshed, breathe smoother, and soothe allergies
BENEFICIAL FOR HEALTH: The unique natural orange pink color is helpful in alleviating stress through the provision of a soothing and relaxing ambiance even as significantly improving their quality of sleep
ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Dimmable salt lamp offers a warm orange glow and creates romantic, dreamlike atmosphere. Adjust the lamp brightness with the rotary dimmer switch as you like
INDOOR DECORATION: Light beams refract through acrylic squares to create a brilliant lighting atmosphere; Suitable for all home spaces such as the bedroom,living room and so forth.

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